History of MTS Solutions

Serving California since 1983

MTS Solutions, which has serviced oil wells in California for over thirty years, has earned a reputation for the highest standards in service, quality of products and safety. MTS’ capabilities include servicing producers, injectors, generators, disposal wells, gas plants, co-generation plants, refineries and line cleanup. The company is headquartered in Bakersfield. MTS Solutions began as Mitchell-Taylor & Sons in July 1983 when Jay Mitchell and Byrl Taylor purchased the stimulation services division of Champion Chemicals. Taylor, a native of Bakersfield, began his career with Diversified Chemicals Corp. where he became assistant regional manager for the Los Angeles Basin. He later joined Champion Chemicals and ultimately became western regional manager.

Mitchell began his career in 1974 with Diversified Chemicals. He later joined Champion Chemicals and became district manager in Bakersfield with responsibility for the San Joaquin Valley and Coastal Region Fields. Even in its early days, finding solutions was what MTS was all about as Taylor and Mitchell found that providing custom design programs produced the best results. “One job in particular, a design program we created, resulted in an increase in production from pre-treatment levels of eight barrels a day to after-treatment production of approximately 100 barrels per day,” explained Taylor. “Payout for the individual wells ranged from four days to two weeks. MTS also designed the system to delay plugging the decline curve and showed a dramatic improvement.”

Mitchell, who grew up in Bakersfield and graduated from Bakersfield College, is a third generation oilman. His grandfather, P. D. Mitchell, was a drilling superintendent who pioneered California oil development in the Los Angeles Basin and San Joaquin Valley fields. His father, Jerry Mitchell, was a partner in Western Avenue Properties, the umbrella company for several pump and supply and liquid waste management firms. Another early assignment involved a water disposal well in a field of North Bakersfield. In the past, the well had been acidized with conventional methods and while the initial response was good, it had proved short-lived. “With close water analysis, we found a microbiological problem,” explained Taylor. “Bacterial slime was plugging perforations and the sand face permeability.”

The conclusion was based on observation of samples in waste water treating facilities, which indicated premature plugging of the injection well. Since bacterial slime was essentially impervious to acid, conventional procedures were not successful. After studying the problem, we decided on a different approach. The two-step program designed by MTS included a pre-soak with a proprietary chemical blend, followed by conventional acidizing. The solution devised by MTS resulted in an increase from 500 barrels per day to 15,000 barrels per day, which was virtually all the water lease produced.

The disposal rate was about thirty-three percent better than when the well was first drilled. Success stories such as these formed the foundation on which MTS Solutions was built. Today, the company continues to progress with technical advances, the invention of production chemicals to enhance production and assist in well maintenance, and an emphasis on working safely each day. MTS offers a wide variety of well maintenance products and services. The company also provides traditional chemicals and a line of environmentally friendly green products for those looking for the same effective results.

“Our green initiative is one of the main goals we are working on today,” explains Monda Byrd, MTS vice president. “As of last year, we began introducing ‘green’ chemicals into the marketplace. These chemicals meet the highest standards approved by the EPA and carry the DFE seal of approval. We are working to offer a direct replacement for the harsh traditional chemicals used in the oilfields. These chemicals are highly effective so we anticipate these being part of our new generation of products as we move forward.” The core values at MTS, developed through more than three decades experience, include safety, teamwork, solution and reliability. At MTS, health and safety is the number one priority. Every member of the team is personally committed—24/7—to his or her own safety and the safety of others, both on and off the job. MTS has a full-time safety manager who oversees the equipment and training needed to keep everybody safe. The importance that MTS places on teamwork can never be overstated. The MTS ‘team’ includes both the MTS staff and its customers. The company’s commitment to both is absolute and unwavering and 100 percent team satisfaction is the goal.

Because many jobs are unique and require a versatile approach, MTS is focused on finding solutions to often challenging problems. MTS employs the most efficient and cost-effective and laboratory-designed processes to achieve optimal, timely results. MTS is noted for its reliability because customers know it delivers the results it promises. The company realizes that two things are needed to make a team—leaders and players—and that it takes hard work, effort, leadership, vision and players to make a good team. “We are committed to meeting or exceeding our customers’ high expectations and earning their trust by providing stateof- the-art oil field services, focusing on ‘green’ product use when possible and always performing with the greatest possible focus on safety, efficiency, real-time execution in complete compliance with regulatory and environmental requirements,” explains Byrd. Taylor retired from the firm in 1993 and Tommy Reed served as president of MTS Solutions since Mitchell retired in 1989. Reed was President until he retired in 2020. Reed was manager for Di-Chem Dresser before joining MTS in 1983. Current President is Monda Byrd.