Safety is Our Number One Priority

MTS continually strives to provide the safest working environments for employees and clients. Each new employee is mentored for a minimum of three months to ensure an overall understanding of safe work practices and requirements at the MTS standards level. Team members participate in regularly scheduled safety trainings and are provided incentive programs to practice safe work habits in the field on a daily basis. MTS employees are top specialists in the industry and field operators are 24-Hour HAZWOPER and First Aid/CPR Certified. All vehicles used by MTS either meet or exceed DOT regulations. Additionally, MTS team members play an active part in the maintenance and repair of the equipment. This gives them a better understanding and knowledge of that unit and the ability to diagnose or repair, if necessary, in the field. We minimize the possibility of accidents by safeguarding our crews with proper safety equipment that is inspected and tested. Our specialized safety equipment includes shower trailers, pressure relief valves, automated kill switch on all high pressure pumping units and remote ball guns that reduce our employee’s exposure to highly pressurized equipment at the well site. MTS has been honored with many safety awards, recognition, and continues to work towards perfect safety records and providing a happy, healthy, and safe working environment for the clients and the team for many years to come.